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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 19, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> todd: a fox news alert. title 42 set to end in two days as border towns see an explosion of migrants and governor greg abbott predicts total chaos is about to ensue. you are watching "fox & friends first" on the monday morning. i am todd piro. good to be with you. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier in for carley shimkus. the mayor of el paso has declared a state emergency and they do believe they are ready for what's to come in just 48 hours. >> the influx will be incredible. it'll be huge.
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some of our federal partners really believe that on wednesday our numbers will go from 2500 to 4,000, 5,000, maybe 6,000. when i asked them if they believe they can handle it today, the answer was no. >> ashley: alexandria hoff's live in washington with more. good morning. >> good morning, ashley, todd. this is a crisis of morale for border patrol agents have been many ways been dealing with a flood and must now brace for what could be a tsunami. you can see a processing center in el paso stretched far beyond capacity. texas state rep tony gonzalez shot the video and said around that time there were 4600 migrants in federal custody, almost five times the state capacity for that location. that was on friday, just one day before the city of el paso declared a state of emergency. here's governor greg abbott. >> if the courts do not intervene and put a halt to the removal of title 42, it's going to be total chaos.
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>> title 42 is set to expire in just two days. the term bureau public health order allowed for the rapid return of hundreds of thousands of migrants who have flooded the southern border. if and when it ends, which it appears it's going to, 42,000 people are expected to enter into the u.s. per day. that's 420,000 a month over 5 million a year. congressman chip roy weighed in. >> my g.o.p. colleagues in the texas delegation got together and introduce what we called the texas border plane. we know what to do. the site work under the trump administration, but it's also common sense. we need policies that will actually work. what these have to be our turn away and detain, not apprehend . speak up but maybe a new policy is not necessary. according to democratic senator sherrod brown, the crisis at the border is just a fringe issue that for some reason he hasn't heard a lot about. >> i don't hear a lot about immigration from voters except people on the far right that
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always want to gain political advantage. >> as for the biden administration, human crisis taking place has not been reason enough to visit the southern border, but enough to put the white house on the defense. >> simply because people don't see the president at the border doesn't mean that he's not working. >> right. well, why doesn't he go to the border? he was just in arizona. why wasn't it worth his time? >> is that the best use of resources? all the resources that are diverted on the ground with the president makes a visit. >> is that why he didn't go? >> i can't speak to why he has or has not gone. >> today president biden will meet with the president of ecuador. guys? >> ashley: alexandria, thanks so much. when she says "i can't speak for the president," somebody has to speak for him if he's not going to do it. everybody's wondering what he's doing. the rancher we have from arizona aand a 4:00 hour, he said he is doing something. he is suing arizona from putting
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detainees at the border, which defeats the purpose of doing anything to really help the situation. but we need to talk about title 42 ending and all the implications this could bring, the humanitarian crisis, think about all of the people and especially women and young girls who are going to be traffic by the cartel. think about all of the diseases that are going to be unaccounted for that they are bringing into our country. yet you have the cdc telling people to mask up, you have these vaccine passports. that was ridiculous. these people need to be accounted for and they need to be monitored just like everyone else in the united states. but el paso is the one i think is very concerning. i swear it's on the verge of imploding. when you hear the mayor talking about how they just cannot deal with this, all their shelters are at capacity, all the places where the migrants go to be processed, they are over capacity. you hear all these people talking about this, and it's
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disheartening to hear the button white house say, "we can't speak for him, he's doing something about it, he's been preparing for months," yet he hasn't gone down there. and where is kamala harris? >> todd: the border czar? >> ashley: yeah! >> todd: you bring up interesting points about the impact. this is going to have impacts for state and local law enforcement not just at the border before our entire nation. you mentioned the humanitarian aspect. some of these migrants will commit crimes and that's going to impact the american citizen, but a lot of these migrants themselves would leave victims of crimes. he also mentioned the rancher we talk to you. here's what he told us about exactly what he sees every single day. watch. >> they are processing them, but they have to turn them loose ones they are processed. three-time convicted felons in the u.s., that's the only ones they can detain. i have a friend who has a ranch right on the border. they are catching 100 a day on his ranch.
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>> todd: let's talk about the processing you mention. that's a key word. you're going to see this push from democrats to say, "it's all about funding. republicans don't want to give the funding." that's why it's crucial you heard chip roy what he said they are. they can't just give away the money without a guarantee of border security in return. otherwise, democrats are just going to take this funding and use it to process these migrants more quickly to enter, at which point they are free to go about their business and do whatever they want. one final point, ashley -- democrats are clearly backed into a corner on this. they can't come up with a good argument, so they use that same old trope you heard sherrod brown say. that is a far right issue. tell that to the texas democrats who are begging this white house to do something. that's not a fireeye issue if it's coming from the texas democrats. >> ashley: one more point and then we will move on, that you talked about the funding they are asking for. what about mayor eric adams? he's complaining about 30,000
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migrants being sent to his century city of 8 million people. you'd think they'd be able to fund that. when you compare to the hundreds of thousands -- i think it is somewhere around 500,000 in el paso. i could be a little off on that. but it's nowhere near the 8 million in new york, and he's asking for a billion dollars to help with that. >> todd: he's calling out kathy hochul and president biden. there's a crack in the democratic armor. let's see what happens. meantime, turn into a fox rather late. adam klotz tracking and other major winter storm expected to hit over christmas weekend. great if you're a child, bad if you're in adulthood needs to travel. >> if you want a white christmas, this might be good news for you, but i'm talking really cold air that unfortunately i'm sorry about, because we have big winter-like temperatures out there this morning. some real cold air going to be driven by winds especially in the northern plains, stretching from montana up through the dakotas. these are windchill advisories because boy, is it cold now, and boy, is going to be called the
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next couple of days. you feel like your identity to the negative teens, but that's just the beginning of a big arctic air blast from canada slipping down into this region. i'm running you through the week here, so you see these temperatures drop overnight. those are negative 30, negative 40, getting close to negative 5e dakotas. all that cold air settling down across the plains before a big low pressure system sweeps on through that area and grabs that cold air and it turns into snow, particularly across the midwest. and in the interior new england, along the coast, if you are in green, that's more of a rain situation. how much snow are we talking about? and i will leave you with this. across the midwest, very heavy snow. probably at least moderate snow from interior new england all the way down quebec and across the plains. again, being driven by some very cold air, negative 40, negative 50 degrees is what it's good if you like for folks in the plains the next couple days. >> ashley: i saw 10 degrees in
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new york and i was like, wait, that's bad. >> todd: i feel like it's setting up to that seen in "rudolph" or everything gets really bad and they need rudolph's nose to fly the sleigh. storm of the century. >> makes sense. that's the origin story. >> todd: brand-new files revealing the extent of the fbi ties to twitter, including a new look at the bureau's role in censoring certain accounts and posts. >> ashley: insight from former assistant fbi director chris swecker when he joins us live. ♪ ♪ after years of chasing the big idaho potato truck... i finally caught it. oh man. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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♪ ♪ >> check this out. videos showed deputy spring into action to save his life after his truck flew over the edge of a bridge into the river below in fort myers, florida, on saturday. you can see two wds performing cpr on him, on the submerged car, until a rescue boat arrived moments later. he was taken to a nearby hospital. there is still no word on his condition. >> todd: terrifying moments for passengers aboard a flight to hawaii yesterday. dozens of people injured following severe turbulence in the sky for over 30 minutes. can you imagine? 36 people suffered head injuries, lacerations, bruising, even loss of consciousness. you can see they are parts of
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the plane came crashing down. people's heads, luggage flying out of overhead bins, oxygen masks deployed. fortunately, that plane landed successfully at honolulu airport, but at least 11 passengers were seriously injured. some sharing their experience on social media saying they thought this was it, that they were going to die. at least 20 people are rushed to the hospital for their injuries. >> can you imagine going to hawaii and that happening? los angeles mayor karen bass says she has a new plan to take on the rampant homelessness in her city. >> we are going to launch a program on tuesday called inside safe, which is going to address the people that are in their tents. we are going to put them in motels and hotels immediately. >> ashley: bass declared a state of emergency on the homeless crisis in her first day in office as mayor. more than 40,000 are homeless in l.a. despite the housing budget of more than a billion dollars each year. and did you hear about this? meghan markle and prince harry are reportedly asking for an
2:15 am
apology from the royal family following their latest docuseries on netflix. i got through the first one and that was it. the sunday times reporting that they seek a summit with family members to address concerns detailed in their tell-all series. the couple shared several instances when meghan markle said she felt unsupported by the family while accusing the british press of racially targeting her. the runaway royals are reportedly looking to meet as soon as possible. kensington palace did not respond to fox's request for comment. >> todd: they want an apology? i've got something for them! all right. let's go to this, this was awesome. 2022 world cup officially coming to a close with perhaps the greatest finale in soccer history. if you watched this game, you were in for a treat. argentina jumping up to a 2-0 lead in the first half before french superstore scored,
2:16 am
sending the game into extra time. in the extra session, lionel messi traded sides again, penalty kicks to determine the world champion. watch. >> yes! >> todd: the winning penalty kick. look at that. argentina going crazy in buenos aires. winning its first world cup since the team was led to glory in 1986. messi finally adding the world cup to his dazzling resume at the age of 35 after tough losses. previous tournaments, and nothing on social media he will not retire. he's going to return for years from now to defend his title. take a look, it's party time in buenos aires, argentina.
2:17 am
millions flooding the streets to celebrate their championship. did you see the number of people crying, both in argentina and at the world cup? grown men, tearing up. it's unclear exactly when the players will arrive back home, but they will surely be created by their heroes. it was beautiful to watch. fox did an amazing job with it. i'm not going to take full credit for the company, but we did a great job. looking forward to having it on our air many times to come. let's go to football now. already, been on our air since 1984. but this was on nbc. the giants still won. bouncing back from a rough few weeks with a big 20-12 win. they took my solo on this so they can see my reaction. this is happiness. patriots, this was the wild scheme of the day. jacoby and myers is a law firm but he made a really detrimental and liability filled play there. pitching the ball right into the hands of the raiders defender.
2:18 am
he throws it to chandler jones who runs it in for a touchdown, your final. a lot of liability therefore jakobi meyers. an upset for the cowboys thanks to this clutch plate from the defense. >> third and four, blitz coming. backwards, and intercepted! jenkins has another one. racing down the sidelines! jenkins is going to win it! >> todd: and the afc west division in overtime thanks to this fumble right there. a great day of football. see to a fumbleruski? >> todd: that's right. and the new soft on crime push. watch. >> are carjackings certainly aren't down in either are the major crimes in the city. the law is not helping. >> todd: hear more from her as
2:19 am
she fights to stop a major crime overhauled. >> ashley: plus, new surveillance video shows two of the murdered idaho students talking about a mystery man hours before they were killed. is he linked to the investigation? we will ask a formal hit homicide former homicide detective that what he thinks. stick around. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water. shipstation saves us so much time it makes it really easy and seamless pick an order print everything you need slap the label on ito the box and it's ready to go our cost for shipping, were cut in half just like that go to shipstation/tv and get 2 months free
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♪ ♪ >> ashley: elon musk is now pulling twitter users on whether he should step down as head of the social media giant, and he says he will abide by the results. >> hey, guys. elon musk is letting the people decide his fate as ceo of twitter, posting this poll set to expire less than an hour from now. more than 40 million users have already voted, and more than 57% of them say he should go. this comes as the twitter bus faces intense public scrutiny for his new policy banning links to other social media platforms. the new rule was introduced early yesterday morning, but
2:24 am
twitters officials have deleted the tweet supporting the policy. >> todd: ended twitter files are being released? >> that's right, the latest batch showed that the fbi pressured twitter in place for answers on foreign influence. in july 2020, the bureau sent a series of questions. "in what ways and by what measures did you see official propaganda actors as less active than other groups on your platform? how do you differentiate official propaganda actors from foreign state actors? that included a list of public references including an article from "the wall street journal." twitter's former head of trust and safety claims he was stunned by this request, writing an email to the staffers, "i am frankly perplexed by the request, seeming like moths like something we would get from a correctional committee than the bureau. ohio carly's been jim jordan valid to investigate the fbi agent who met weekly with
2:25 am
twitter and condemned the seemingly tight relationship between big tech firms and the l government. >> we will talk to everyone involved thus far. we'll talk to this elvis chan having the weekly meetings. the guy in the fbi meeting with all these big tech platforms at in silicon valley. now it's big tech, big government, big media, and these ngl or not for profits or whatever it's organization they are all designed to run a misinformation operation on us. speak at the latest round of twitter files reveal the fbi and twitter had what has been described as master-canine quality, with two sides in constant contact for the election. >> ashley: we are going to bring in former assistant fbi director chris swecker. he's here to react. chris, the more the transpires in the story, the more concerning it becomes that the fbi, which is supposed to be part to mind bipartisan, meddled in the election. what do we do to prevent this
2:26 am
from happening again? >> i'm not a big supporter of congressional hearings, but in this case, more transparency, more sunlight on this, we need to have more of that. because, gosh, the fbi has no business being involved in suppressing free speech. i can understand if they had a counterintelligence operation and they saw that some russian intelligence officers or russian intelligence operations were attempting to use twitter to spread misinformation that was advantageous to russia or could undermine our democracy. but i can't see any other scenario where they could or would or should then u.s. citizens or ban any type of free-speech dialogue. never seen it in my entire career, my 40 years in law enforcement. i've just never seen this. it's not a proper role for my former agency, which i love. i'm looking forward to some hearings. >> todd: i'm trying to put myself in your position.
2:27 am
assistant director of the fbi. does this fbi permutation over the last 4-5 years resemble in any way, shape, or form the bureau that you are part of? >> is hard to recognize. of course, i'm part of the retired agent network, particularly executives who retired at high levels. i talked to people inside the bureau, people recently retired, and people who have traditionally supported the fbi out there in the law enforcement community in the community at large. they are scratching their heads, they are perplexed. the fbi is hemorrhaging supporters because somehow their leadership has put them in the middle of political cases in the political arena, which i never saw in my 25 years of active service. and i haven't seen it until very recently. i think it started possibly under james comey and it has extended forward. all the top level fbi executive
2:28 am
positions -- not all of them, but many of them seem to be ideologues who think they can just bring their ideology to work with them. >> ashley: before we get to the next topic, i have one more thing. it says they showed emails from the officials requesting bands on twitter users. but the fbi refused to say which of the social media networks they perhaps worked with. do you see instagram and facebook being part of this, as well? >> i do. i think it's a much broader outreach effort on the part of the fbi to get into the social media world, if you will. they have always tried -- since 9/11 they've been trying to reach out to businesses and educate them about counterintelligence operations and that sort of thing and how to protect themselves. this goes way beyond that. they need to just check out of this business completely and get back to doing what they should be doing, which is putting people like sam bankman-fried in jail. >> todd: let's do that. bankman-fried expected to agree to extradition from the bahamas on crypto fraud charges and is
2:29 am
expected to appear in court today. what's next in this saga? do you anticipate new charges? >> i do. i think it's a wise move on his part to go ahead and waive the extradition, lest he cool his heels in a less than pleasant prison in the bahamas as opposed to getting to the u.s. and facing his charges and getting on with it. i expect to see a wave of superseding indictment's once he gets up to the united states. i think the charges he's facing right now are what we call placeholders. they are just to get him extradited and get him in the criminal justice system. it was pretty quick in terms of the investigation. as you apply it to white-collar crime type of cases, which are fairly complex, this one being no exception. i think there will be a wave of superseding indictments, and dozens and dozens of charges. i think it is a slam-dunk situation, because you have a
2:30 am
bankruptcy trustee who is fully cooperating with the fbi investigation and the sec investigation. so you don't have to fight for documents or for books and records from that sort of thing. >> ashley: it's going to be interesting to see this all unfold, both stories. thanks for getting up with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> ashley: new surveillance video shows two of the murdered idaho students talking about a mystery man hours before they were killed. we will ask a former homicide detective what he thinks about this new evidence. >> todd: plus, did you see this? >> he had won the purple heart and the battle of the bulge. i said, "uncle frank, you will knock this." and he said, "i don't want the damn thing." >> todd: president biden raising eyebrows with a story about awarding his uncle a purple heart. purple heart. but a lot of details, and joe concha here to break it down joe concha here to break it down ♪ ♪ so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance,
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♪ ♪
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2:35 am
listen. >> it has to come down to every person being impacted and that's what's happening in my single-member district where i have had a rape and murder, armed carjackings, robberies, stabbings, shootings. i don't have enough fingers to count all the crimes that have occurred. enough is enough. we need help. >> todd: the bill is currently in the hands of d.c. mayor muriel bowser who has said she is disappointed with several of its provisions. ashley? >> ashley: fox news digital obtaining exclusive surveillance video of university of idaho students kaylee goncalves a speaking to a mystery man before their deaths. ryan foley is a former homicide detective and retired connecticut police officer. thanks for getting up with us. what do you make of this new video and in particular the audio talking about this guy named adam? >> homicide investigation
2:36 am
certainly changing. good morning. obviously you want to process the immediate scene but there is typically an external team that walks the streets and retraces the steps. but anyone who has a doorbell camera now, there is audio. boy, that's a valuable nugget, or at least it appears to be, for police to look into who this adam is, and it doesn't sound like he got the best of news when they said they told him everything. it could be positive or negative. but police are going to want to scrub that back. i think they will be able to identify this adam fairly quickly. they will have all the victims 'cell phones and social media information, access to surviving friends and families, to determine exactly who this person was. so i think they will be able to chase that down pretty quick, identify who it is, and look into that. >> ashley: right, we can only hope and pray that leads to some information. it's new information, so that's
2:37 am
good. but he has been on lawrence jones cross-country very frequently. he's frustrated with the investigation as he has a right to be. it's been more than five weeks since this happened with really no leads at all. here's what he had to say about this gentleman named adam in that video. >> we did the obvious due diligence and looked into that, and we -- he was pretty clear that this individual is not a part of the investigation as far as a suspect. >> ashley: this guy has talked about hiring private investigators and things like that when he comes on our network. hearing that from him, does that change your mind at all about what he previously thought? >> is he talking about the person in the video? yes, but are they talking about adam? if they identified adam, that's fine, but maintaining a victim's
2:38 am
family confidence is difficult for the police department. a lot of it comes out of communication and sometimes you don't want them hiring a private investigator. but you can't tell a victim's family what they should or shouldn't do. they've lost loved one. but think about what the police captain said last week. he said he can foresee this coming to a close and they are narrowing down what happened and who did this. so that indicates to me that there is a pool of suspects. i have to go back to this scene. it's at night, it is dark, not the most typical of houses. someone was able to maneuver around in the dark, and sounds. that seems to me like some and he's been in that house before, had knowledge and was able to move around. going into someone else's house at night and determining to the bedrooms are, who is where, and to do it quietly, that's difficult. ct i have one question for you before we leave go. no motive, no weapon, no suspects. but when you take into account what you said with the captain
2:39 am
from last week, do you foresee this going cold or do you think you will get a suspect in this? >> obviously there's never any timeline. let me say this, police are not in the business of naming a suspect. everyone wants them to name a suspect. they name a suspect when they are ready to put handcuffs on them and they have a warrant in their hand. there's no benefit unless the person has left the country or is in hiding, but typically they will already have a warrant. i like a lot of the moves the police department did, getting the resources quickly. i do foresee this coming to a close at some point. >> ashley: that is fortunate news, especially coming to the christmas holiday. and these families don't have their loved ones because of this horrific crime that happened. thanks for getting up with us this morning. have a good day. seek a very sad. see you. >> ashley: a conservative comic book writer getting booted from kickstarter because his newest book about a border patrol agent has been labeled racist. >> todd: here to respond, keep
2:40 am
it right here on "fox & friends" first. ♪ ♪ ut ♪ ♪ acoustic soul music throughout ♪ ♪ acoustic soul music throughout ♪ ♪ acoustic soul music throughout ♪ so how many vaccines have you given to people? me? about 1000. walgreens...millions. no way can i miss her big debut. with your booster, i think you'll be there. for every twirl. i got a shot so my sister won't get sick. way to go, big bro! so while we're here... ...flu shot, as well? let's do it. when you need to talk vaccinations, our pharmacists are here. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> ashley: welcome back. the international olympic committee is introducing new rules on transgender athletes competing in female sports, saying it recognizes the
2:44 am
particular importance of advancing equality for women in sports and preserving fair and meaningful competition for elite women athletes, which may require criteria that limit eligibility in some cases. we spoke with a three-time olympic cyclist to cause the guidelines too soft. >> they are acknowledging that women need a sex separated category, and at the very same time they are advocating for the inclusion of a transgender athlete into the women's category. we call it fuzzy around all the edges, no presumption of male advantage, despite the fact that we have over a dozen peer-reviewed studies that states no amount of testosterone suppression mitigates the advantage of being born male. >> ashley: other olympic athletes have come forward saying they believe the guidance is unfair and will discourage female competitors. now, he fox news exclusive.
2:45 am
washington university lecture warning medical students on debating her about critical race theory. she says she is hoping to opposing viewpoints, but listen to this caveat. >> i have a really hard time being neutral around issues of systemic oppression. in fact, if you try to fight me or debate me, i will shut that [bleep] down real fast, okay? >> ashley: absolutely amazing. it's part of the school's gateway curriculum which it claims help produce physicians who are leaders in medicine, science, education, and advocacy. >> todd: meantime, critics pushing to cancel a comic book about a border patrol agent to track fentanyl dealers, calling the coming big racist. a left-leaning publication publishing an op-ed saying the story is "racist propaganda and stochastic terrorism disguised as a funny book." the author of that comic book
2:46 am
"private american" joins us now. that op-ed basically that you kicked off of kick started, which you used to raise money, right? >> that's right. >> todd: that's not right. that shouldn't happen. let me go through what this comic is about. it's a story of a cuban american ex-green beret who experiences tragedy at the hands of cartels and sees how border patrol agents are overwhelmed, so he takes on the bad guys. cartels, gangs, drug smugglers, and human traffickers. what the heck is wrong with t that? >> there's nothing wrong with that. it's a classic vigilante story. i use to write "punisher" for marvel and it's the same type of character. in fact, if this book came ab about, i asked myself what the punisher would be doing today. he'd be at the southern border trying to stop the flow fentanyl into the country. there's nothing across immigrants trying to cross over to get a better life.
2:47 am
in fact, he's there to save them. he saved a young girl from being raped. i'm sure you all know this, but sometimes that's the price of passage. >> todd: it certainly seems that way. the numbers are staggering. yet somehow this kind of vigilante is viewed as racist. here are some of the censorship's you have sent dominic suffered on the hole. private american permanently they died twitter, indiegogo, and suspended indefinitely on kick started. how will you make money now? >> you can find the book by going to that'll take you to our indiegogo campaign, which is still active, fortunately. a number of us who produce comics that don't fit into the rigid left-wing mode, we are exploring new crowdfunding possibilities, talking about all
2:48 am
sorts of things. and there are other methods. there was recently a comic that raised over $3 million on a crowdfunding platform, but that's because he has a huge following. he was kind enough to feature me in the recent episode. i learned about it when somebody sent it to me. >> todd: all these on the left who are up in arms about elon musk and what they call censoring, have any of them defended the censoring being done of you? >> oh, no, of course not. >> todd: right. big picture, how will because the comic book industry become? >> it is pretty woke, as you know, and the sales are falling. there's a question whether marvel and d.c. will continue to publish comics in the future because the sales are so low. meanwhile, there's a bunch of us, we call ourselves comicsgate, that produce comics outside the normal realm. and we crowdfunding are comics. they are highly entertaining,
2:49 am
and many of the comics are far more entertaining and better illustrated than those being produced by the big two. >> todd: people turn to comics as a form of entertainment. this is just the latest example of the entertainment industry ignoring what the people want and focusing on a very cheap signaling woke agenda. the proof is in the pudding. they are suffering, but sadly, you are suffering. hopefully you can get this crowdfunding going, make money for yourself, and put out stuff that champions the private american, champions americana, like you're doing. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> todd: we are just two days away from the end of title 42 and some in the media are suggesting republicans are responsible for the crisis happening on joe biden's watch. >> i don't think i have ever heard president biden say, "we have an open border, come on over." the but people i have heard saye
2:50 am
you, former president tom, joe desantis. >> todd: joe concha next. >> ashley: first, checking with brian kilmeade. >> hey, guys. the border is open. am i guilty of leaving open? unbelievable. we have three days until five it done my title 42 melts away. time to come up with a plan. take your time, joe. you are in delaware. border facilities and residents, and new video showing how bad it is in these ngo centers with these illegal immigrants. there you are. there you are seeing it. is that acceptable? can you imagine if trump was president during that mess? plus, elon musk's twitter takeover has been nothing short of eventful. now he's leaving it up to users in the new poll if he should step down as ceo. we will tell you the results. plus, oklahoma governor will be here alive. nancy grace, and pete hegseth has been booked to come on. he has a great special, i don't know if you saw it last night, now on fox nation. joe concha will be here.
2:51 am
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>> todd: president biden raising questions over this story where he claims he awarded his uncle a purple heart during his vice presidency. >> he had a purple heart he won it in the battle of buttigieg. he said i won it and i don't want the damn thing. i'm serious he said i don't want it. >> critics were quick to question the fact since biden was vice president in 2008 but his uncle passed away in 999. joe con chat author of "come on, man" town hall for veterans he was talking about something else that he got wrong people are concerned is he just exaggerating? even if he is, that's concerning, too.
2:56 am
or does he not know what he is talking about? >> yeah, i'm not going to chalk up the age thing to this, carley. because joe biden, as i talk about in the book has done this his whole life, since since his 20 compulsive liar about everything particularly personal stuff call unforced errors. talks about things awarding purple hearts to his uncle when his uncle died nine years prior before he could even do that it's so insulting to all the military families that are out there only for their own ego a lot more press coverage than we are seeing on this. >> todd: to be clear we have lovely ashley showroom than carley shimkus.
2:57 am
doesn't this smack a little bit of stolen valor? >> it's very much stolen valor. i'm actually so sorry. i don't have what is called return feed so i can't see who i am talking to. again, he said he was arrested in south africa carrasco joe biden did when he was a senator trying to see nelson mandella. i have a feeling if a sitting senator was arrested on foreign soil, we would probably hear about that back in the united states. of course that didn't happen. he said he was arrested at civil rights marches, of course that never happened. i have dozens of examples of this. but this is who joe biden is. has nothing to do with age and being confused. this is somebody who just does this reflexively to bolster his own resume. >> todd: this is the guy that democrats look like they're leaning toward have run again in 2024. >> ashley: very concerning there abc martha raddatz she appears to suggest that g.o.p.'s outrange border crisis is the reason so many migrants are
2:58 am
coming here right now. listen to this, joe. >> you talk about the border wall. you talk about open borders. i don't think i have ever heard president biden say we have an open border. come on over. but people i have heard say it are you. are former president trump. ron desantis. that message reverb united states in mexico and beyond. so, they do get the message that it is an open border. smugglers use all those kinds of statements. >> ashley: i honestly could not believe this when i heard it. do you think this is our fault and the production' fault for saying this that borders are open? >> ashley, martha raddatz appears to have gone into this interview with a predetermined narrative that narrative the crisis that is a catastrophe at the u.s. southern border is being overblown by governors like greg abbott and ron desantis. i don't remember martha raddatz
2:59 am
doing much reporting at all from the border over the last couple of years the way say bill melugin has showing millions of illegal migrants entering into this country illegally under this administration. to say deny what is happening here and ignore the fact that come into this country and killing hundreds of thousands of people in the last two years approach second degree 50,000 now that's a disservice to the public martha raddatz who is supposed to be one of the objective ones i guess serve here. oh, you are exaggerating this to try to scare people. it's not an exaggeration when you have nearly 5 million people crossing into this border that is equivalent to the population of the entire country of ireland, yeah, that sounds like an open border to me joe biden's open border policies are reason.
3:00 am
realm continual news network. supposed to be a professional journalist. none i don't know what that was but it was a whole lot of wrong. joe concha, a whole lot of right. have great monday and see you throughout the course of this christmas week. >> ashley: thanks, joe. >> todd, ashley, thank you. >> todd: with that, we go "fox & friends." it starts now. >> alarms are sounding from both sides ever the aisle. title 42 will expire at the southern border on wednesday. >> border patrol agents facility is completely overwhelmed. >> total chaos. >> elon musk is polling twitter users on whether he should step down social media giant. >> more than 14 million users have already voted. 57% say he should go. >> look at it for what it is. both sides of the aisle appreciate what he is trying to do. >> eerie surveillance video shows two of the idaho victims


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